BPSR Self Assessment Instructions

Step One
Click the Start button
Step Two: Taking the Test

All questions have four options and a brief description. Next to the options is a list box in which you can select an answer. Review the options and then select the option that is most applicable to your organization. The description may not be a 100% fit for your organization but it represents a statement of good practice. If something does not apply, score it as an area needing attention. Select the option that is most appropriate.

All questions must be answered

If any question is not answered, the test will not allow you to move on to the next page. To derive maximum benefit from the tool, please ensure that you answer all the questions.

Some questions have restricted answers based on your response to previous questions. For example, if your organization is without a mission statement, you will not be able to answer the next question in the affirmative. Your response to all questions should be accurate and honest.

Once you have completed all the questions, all you need to do is to click on the "Submit Answers" button and your results will be displayed.

Step Three: Understanding the results.

Your answers are given a numerical value and then translated into result for each question.

Each answer has a corresponding piece of advice, as with the answer you selected during the test, the advice may not be 100% suited to your specific organisational context, but it should hopefully guide you in the right direction from which you can make more contextually relevant decisions.

Individual questions are categorized into four groups based on the acronym GABR (i.e. Green, Amber, Brown, and Red) rating.


Individual question results are then aggregated to form the overall section GABR rating. At the section level, the GABR categorization is expanded in order: (i) Needs Attention (ii) Developing (iii) Well Placed (Good) and (iv)Strong (Excellent).


Section results are also aggregated in the same way to provide an overall final result. This way you can see the organization’s total, specific and section scores

You will also find that there is a graph that shows how the organisation performs in each of the sections compared with the others.

Finally, please note that the test results have been formatted to be printable on A4 paper in a horizontal layout.

Thank you for taking the time to read the instructions, please click the button below to continue.

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